February 14, 2021

Hello World, Again

Welcome to my world. A place where anti-patterns and dirty code create an unprecedented experience. A leap forward in boring engineering blogs, mixed with buzzwords and glossy images. This is how my narcissistic instincts come together in harmony. Yeah, you’ll be fine!

This editorial is basically a celebration of my motivation. It took me 4 years to design this website. I’m not proud of my procrastination but I’m very happy it’s finally published. A part of me feels a relief. It’s like, I hear a voice in my head screaming “No way! He finally did it!“.

I have no clue what to write as an introduction but I have a lot to share with you in the following posts. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things. It always starts as a short paragraph and it ends up writing the story of my life. Lucky you!

Since I’m a software engineer this blog will host technical articles, mostly related to the technologies I’m using on a daily basis. It’s also a collection of thoughts, step-by-step tutorials and references.

I am curious how these articles will speak to you. If you have any questions or something to add, twitter is the best way to reach me out.