April 20, 2021

Music For Creative Minds

There are several people, including myself, who enjoy listening to music while working. If you also belong to this group, keep reading. I have something for you.

Since music accompanies me for many hours per day, I get easily bored listening the same tracks again and again. Radio is playing the same playlists every day. And you can’t escape from these tracks anyway. They play everywhere.

Discovering good music is a difficult process. There are times streaming services suggests nice tracks, because the AI works as advertised. But most of the times the playlists they produce are monotonous and boring.

In the last couple of years I collect the tracks that I like in Spotify. I curate songs that help me concentrate, that have something to say, that don’t distract you from working on your craft. New sounds from electronic, indie, soul, jazz and various other scenes.

My series is called “Cherry pick” and I try to publish a new playlist every month, when time permits. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect:

Sounds interesting? Make sure you follow me on Twitter so that you get notified when I release a new playlist.

Do you have any good music to suggest? DM me the song or create your own public playlist. I would be really happy to listen something new.

Stay tuned for more. 🤗

Cover Credit: @blocks